Animals in the Lens!

28 november
20:06 uur

Dear participant,

Thank you for your interest in the study Animals in the Lens!

Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam are investigating human-animal interactions in collaboration with the ARTIS Royal Zoo of Amsterdam. For this, we are looking for 100 participants who want to go on a digital safari and share their experience with us.

The study takes about 30 minutes to complete in total and you can take part to it whenever suits you best. Since the study takes place online and because this is not a standard survey, you will need a laptop or PC with a webcam and an internet connection to be able to participate.*

The study consists of two parts:

  1. In the first part, you will be shown a few short videos of animals. For you, our students have filmed hundreds of animals in the ARTIS Royal Zoo during the lockdown! Film yourself and tell us what you see, think or feel while watching these clips. This part takes about 10 minutes.
  2. The second part consists of a questionnaire about nature and animals. This part also takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Do you want to participate in this unique study and go on a digital safari in the ARTIS Zoo? Do not wait too long, because the number of places is limited.

You can start the research by clicking on the link below. This link will bring you directly to the research environment where you can start immediately. Make sure that you are at a quiet place and comfortable to start the research.

The password to gain access to the research environment is: ringstaartmaki99

We wish you a happy safari!

Kind regards,

The researchers,

Lévy P. L. Matricon, Dana N. Holscher, Dirk J. H. Woertink, Dr. Mariska E. Kret, Prof. Dr. Karline R. L. Janmaat

*If you do not have access to a webcam and would very much like to participate nonetheless, you can send us an email and we can review your other available options for participation. You can also email us if you need a little extra help and would like personal guidance during your participation.

Do you have a question, a remark or do you need help? You can answer this email or contact us at: We will answer as quickly as possible!